About SoftFil

Established in 2009, Soft Medical Aesthetics seek to support professionals in the aesthetic anti-aging treatments.

Based in particular on the work of Dr. Sandrine Sebban and the techniques injection known as “Soft Filling Technique” and “STOP Facial Ageing Method“, Soft Medical Aesthetics offers to all players in aesthetics (cosmetic doctors, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, dentists…) innovative and relevant products.

Since, Soft Medical Aesthetics has continued to grow and has developed

– injection devices – micro-canulas SoftFil Classic, (original range), SoftFil Precision, (expert range), SoftFil EasyGuide, a new patented “pilot needle” 2 in 1 and the SoftFil Needle, inspired by the design of SoftFil Precision.

– skincare products – face masks, eye contour patches, hand gloves and skin rollers

– trainings – creation of the SoftFil Academy in 2011 to encourage learning of the cannula injection technique in conjunction with experts reputed in the field of anti-ageing.

To ensure the maximum reliability of its products, Soft Medical Aesthetics is committed to strict quality controls. This is why the company is certified ISO 13485: 2016 / EN ISO 13485: 2016. The medical devices of injection are certified by SGS and are marked CE0120. They are single use only and to be used by certified medical practicioners only.

Sold in more than

90 countries

Our story

Foundation of Soft Medical Aesthetic

Soft Filling technique : a breakthrough technique able to give some volume back to the face, lips and correct wrinkles in a very subtle way using only a few insertion points, typically 2 to 4, on each side of the face. It allows the treatment of the face as a whole, an a-traumatic procedure and pain free, with natural results.

SoftFil Classic: launch of the original range of SoftFil® Classic cannulas: a revolutionnary range of blunt tip needles in stainless steel (8 sizes with different lengths and caliber, from 18G to 30G)
Creation of the On-Line shop
SoftFil Precision: Launch of the SoftFil® Precision cannulas in 11 sizes:

Main innovations are:
- Extra-large inner caliber to reduce injection pressure
- Centimetric graduations, to control the injection depth
- Specific surface treatment allowing a perfect sliding under the skin
- Red dot on hub indicating the side orifice location

SoftFil Post-Act Mask: With the SoftFil Post-Act Mask, SoftFil launches its SkinCare range and its first post-injection skin care. Containing hyaluronic acid, it moisturizes and soothes the face after injections, peelings and laser treatments...
SoftFil Sublim' Mask : New innovation in the face care with the SoftFil Sublim Mask in bio-cellulose for a second skin effect.
SoftFil Roller: Range of rollers developed for the eyes and lips, face and body, one use only, medical and home use.

SoftFil Post Act Glove: Stimulate skin cell regeneration of the hands and hydration.
SoftFil Precision new sizes: 16G 70mm, 16G 90mm, 25G 40mm and 27G 25mm

SoftFil Sublim' Eye Patch Contour: Decongested and brighter eyes with the new patch in hydrogel for an optimal diffusion of the active ingredients.
SoftFil EasyGuide: Revolutionnary international patent pending : a 2 in 1 « pilote needle » for easy injections. Launched in 4 sizes.

SoftFil Needle: needles inspired by the design of the SoftFil Precision with centimetric graduations and a red dot on hub indicating the side orifice location.
SoftFil EasyGuide: Extension of the range with 2 new sizes: 22G 50mm and 23G 70mm

SoftFil Precision: 4 new sizes: 22G 90mm, 25G 30mm, 26G 13mm and 27G 50mm

Quality certificates

Certificate ISO 13485

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EC Certificate

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